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Handmade Ceramics by Kim Sager

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Collections are inspired by the beauty of nature and the seasons. Tableware designed for restaurants, chefs and home cooks. "Small batch" custom orders for proprietary dishes and chef tastings upon request.



I appreciate the beauty of seasonal produce grown by local farmers in my community. I hope my pottery will encourage people to support their local farmers markets and the restaurants that source their produce from small farms.



Each piece is unique and handmade so therefore there will be slight variations. I do not keep items in stock but you can contact me with questions and prices for work shown. 

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Thrown by Hand instagram Handmade ceramic tableware inspired by the beauty of food and nature. Designed for home chefs. Small batch custom orders upon request: @kimsager

Thrown By Hand

Winter Park, Florida, United States

(917) 407-8699

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